The Unitarian Universalist Studies Network (UUSN), formed in 2021, continues and expands the work of its predecessor organizations, the Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society (UUHHS) and a network of scholars in a variety of disciplines known as Collegium.

UUSN defines itself as “a mutually supportive collective of academic and independent scholars, lay leaders, religious professionals, and students who aim to cultivate deeper engagement with Unitarian Universalist historical, theological, and ethical knowledge and practices as well as their intersections and interplay.”

Through online resources, publications, and in-person gatherings, the Network engages both members and a broader public in the study of Unitarian Universalism, its predecessors, its related organizations and its social engagement and impact. No credential, title, or educational background is required in order to take part. All are invited to join our endeavors.


Membership guarantees receipt of a quarterly newsletter, our annual Journal of Unitarian Universalist Studies, and invitations to events, discussions, lectures, and periodic conferences. Contributions above the modest cost of membership are both needed and appreciated.

Annual membership is only $50 for one year or $125 for three years. Students and persons of limited means may join for only $30 per year. You may become a member or renew your membership by mail or online. Visit our Membership page for details.


  • Co-Chair: Barbara Coeyman (through 2026)

  • Co-Chair: Connie Simon (through 2026)

  • Treasurer: Barb Greve (through 2026)

  • Secretary: Dan McKanan (through 2025)

  • Board of Directors

Use our Contact Us page to contact our officers/directors.


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