Women's History

UU Women’s Heritage Society

The Unitarian Universalist Women’s Heritage Society (UUWHS) was founded in 1988 (as the Women’s History Publication Project) by one woman, Rev. Dorothy Emerson, with a vision and a small group of supportive colleagues with funding from the Unitarian Universalist Association and private donations.

The Society sought to recover and preserve the stories of UU women’s lives so that future generations could be inspired by their wisdom and courage, celebrating the valuable gifts we have received from our Universalist and Unitarian foremothers.

In June, 2012 the UUWHS and the Unitarian Universalist Heritage Society (UUHS) consolidated into the Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society (UUHHS). At the time of that merger, the resources from the UUWHS website were incorporated in the UUHHS website.  

In 2021, the Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society and Collegium merged to form the Unitarian Universalist Studies Network.  The UU Women’s Heritage Society have been preserved on the UU Studies Network website.

UU Women’s Heritage Archival Material

Access is provided below to archival material from the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Heritage Society.

Additional information on the history of UU related heritage societies follow this link.