The UU Studies Network website has been designed to provide academic and independent scholars, lay leaders, religious professionals, and students the resources to cultivate deeper engagement with Unitarian Universalist historical, theological, and ethical knowledge and practices as well as their intersections and interplay.

Unitarian Universalist Studies Network

Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography

The Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography has been published since 1959 and contains articles covering a wide range related Unitarian, Universalist, Unitarian Universalism, and related topics.  A limited number of Journals are available online.  Non-digital and digital.

Unitarian Universalist Studies Network

The Journal of Unitarian Universalist History

The Journal of Unitarian Universalist History has been published since 1959 and contains articles covering a wide range related Unitarian, Universalist, Unitarian Universalism, and related topics.  A limited number of Journals are available online.  Non-digital and digital (see Full Text of Journals).

Unitarian Universalist Studies Network

Congregational Historians and Archives

The Circle of Congregational Historians and Archivists supports everyone who works to preserve the history of individual congregations and is compiling a comprehensive list of published and unpublished histories and archives of congregations. See the partial list of histories collected by the UU History and Heritage Society. Also see histories collected for the MidAmerica Region including congregations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. Digital.

Unitarian Universalist Studies Network

UU Women’s Heritage Society

The collection of the UU Women’s Heritage Society (UUWHS),  organized in 1988,  preserves the stories of UU women’s lives. After the merger with the UU History Society in 2012, the Society’s materials were archived and not updated since that date.  Digital.

Harvard Divinity School Library

The Harvard Divinity School Library houses the official archive of the Unitarian Universalist Association and its predecessors, including denominational files on individual ministers and individual congregations, as well as archival records preserved by many congregations and many individual leaders. The library also maintains a comprehensive collection of books and journals related to Unitarian Universalism. See the overview of available resources.

Also see a summary of archival resourcesThe library staff also maintains an online resource that provides links to publications and manuscripts in the public domain that chronicle major events in the life of historically Unitarian and Universalist congregations in the United States.

Other university collections may also include materials relevant to Unitarian Universalism; to find these, use this tool for searching archival material. Reference librarians and archivists at Harvard are always eager to assist anyone doing research related to Unitarian Universalism. Digital and non-digital.

Meadville Lombard Theology School

As a Unitarian Universalist library, Wiggin Library contains over 35,000 volumes, specializing in Unitarianism, Universalism, and Unitarian Universalism. This collection is available to faculty, students, and community members, and most of our books can be circulated through the mail. The material on this page is not meant to be exhaustive or representative, but these resources are all organized chronologically or by individual named entries, making them excellent reference resources. 

Meadville Lombard’s Archives and Special collections include congregational records and a special collection of archival material produced by communities that have been traditionally excluded from archival collections, in both digital and non-digital forms. This resource provides access to the full range of archival holdings.

The Meadville Lombard UUA Congregational Records contain a file about every single UUA congregation that existed during the twentieth century. Most files contain dozens of pages, with some larger congregational files numbering hundreds of pages. Documents within these files include field reports from regions, districts, and the national office; congregational histories; photographs; correspondence between the congregation and the UUA; paperwork filed to the UUA; sermons and orders of service; and other printed ephemera. Meadville Lombard also houses the MidAmerica listing of congregational histories.