Journal Contents - Volume 34

EDITOR: Kathleen Parker EDITORIAL BOARD: Ann Lee Bressler, Neil Gerdes, Dean Grodzins, David Hall, Mark Harris, Phillip Hewett, Dan McKanan, Mark Morrison-Reed, Lewis Perry, David Robinson, Cynthia Grant Tucker Table of Contents for Volume XXXIV
Editor’s Note ———————————————————————————————————————— iii
Memory’s Ministry: Nurturing Our Congregations and Our Narratives ———————————— by Cynthia Grant Tucker 1
Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Panel- A Woman for the Twenty-First Century
The Legacy of Margaret Fuller ——————————————————————————— by David M. Robinson 7
Margaret Fuller’s New Vision of the Relation between Women and Men ————————————- by Lawrence Buell 12
Margaret and Her Sisters ————————————————————————————————- by Megan Marshall 19
Margaret Fuller Now ————————————————————————————————– by Charles Capper 26
Doing Lincoln’s Work: Thomas Starr King and the Discourse of Anti-Racism—————– by Glenna Matthews 33
Michael Servetus Commemoration – The 500th Anniversary of his Birth
The Present State of Servetus Studies: Eighty Years Later ————————————— by Peter Hughes 47
Rediscovering Matteo Gribaldi: A Review of Declaratio: Michael Servetus’s Revelation of Jesus Christ the Son of God, by Matteo Gribaldi ————————————- by Jay Atkinson 71
A Reluctant Pioneer: A Review of The Letters of Theophilus Lindsey I, 1747-1748, ed. G. M. Ditchfield——————————————————————————————– by Phillip Hewett 78
Research Notes
Margaret Fuller’s Social Consciousness in the New- York Tribune —————————– by Michael Barnett 83
James Luther Adams Bibliographies ————————————————————— by Jared Farley 91